ISO 9001 certification

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The Frayssinet company has been certified to ISO 9001 since 2005. Control audits are carried out every year by reference certification bodies in the field quality, i.e. AFNOR* Certification (formerly AFAQ, Qualité/French Association for Quality Assurance).
If the 9001 standard was to evolve, AFNOR Certification will always assess the conformity of our management system with respect to their latest version concerning our activities of “formulation, manufacturing, sales and shipment of nutrition and stimulation products for soils and plants “.

The process-based approach, which is the organizational principle of this international standards association, is described in the company’s quality manual. Every year, a new company policy defines quality objectives, which are then defined in the 12 processes that make up the quality management system. This quality policy is the core of the company’s strategy.
In each process, a “pilot” monitors and controls his/her process by way of quality indicators that direct him/her towards an optimal use of the granted resources. He/she constantly maintains the dynamics of continuous improvement.

The ISO 9001 certification recognized worldwide by the marketplace enables the company to demonstrate the quality of the efforts carried out to its customers and partners. The services provided by the « AFAQ-AFNOR Certification » encourage  the continuous improvement approach undertaken by our company. The identification number for each certificate is unique. Our number is 250971123488.

ISO 9001 Certificate

AFNOR* Certification : “a leading brand for the certification and evaluation of management systems, services, business skills and products in France”.

*AFNOR « French Association for standardization ».

ISO 26000 : “Corporate Social Responsibility”