Programme Nutrition et Stimulation

Nutrition and Stimulation Program


Improving nutrition and resistance

Research is advancing rapidly and the results obtained on living, fertile soils show that it is possible to restore a balance between the soil and the plant, favouring its natural defences, in line with the reduction in the use of conventional treatment products. Frayssinet’s expertise shows that restoring soil life and fertility through Frayssinet’s PNS (nutrition and stimulation programmes) improves crop resistance, water and mineral supply. Long-lasting, natural solutions do exist, but what’s needed now is for European regulations to make these new “nutritional biostimulant” products formulations clearer and provide a perfect framework for their effectiveness.


The right programme at the right dosage:

Nourish the soil with carbon to prevent depletion of humified carbonaceous matter.

 Feed the plant as little as possible to avoid losses.


Functional biodiversity

Optimise the ecosystem service provided by the rhizosphere and the biosphere.


Plant stimulation programme

› Stimulate the plant to adapt to the constraints of its environment and ensure its productivity.

Promote the plant’s natural resistance.

 Support the reduction of phytosanitary treatments.



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