ISO 26000 : Corporate Social Responsibility

The ISO 26000 standard formalises a company’s contribution to sustainable development in 7 central questions and 36 areas of action (see diagram below). It formalises the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR), which defines the integration of social, environmental and economic concerns into a company’s interaction with its stakeholders. ISO 26000 was adopted in September 2010 by 93% of UN countries. This is the first time that all these countries have agreed on the subject of sustainable development.

ISO 26000 is based on the principle of assessment and continuous improvement. This assessment can be carried out by an independent body that translates the central issues and areas for action into a single assessment framework. General certification bodies, and specific CSR bodies, offer support and assessments to label a company’s level of commitment.

FRAYSSINET was reassessed in July 2021, and the overall assessment of its practices and results concluded that progress had been made, confirming FRAYSSINET’s CSR approach at the “Exemplary” level. Renewal of the Engagé RSE reference system is scheduled for July 2024.

VIAE ETHICAE®, “the paths of ethics”, represents Frayssinet’s approach to social responsibility adapted to the needs and constraints of its agricultural, green spaces and gardening markets.
VIAE ETHICAE® takes into account the social, environmental and economic concerns of all its stakeholders and its sphere of influence.The downstream translation of this strategy can be found in the AUTHENTIS agro-responsible approach.Set up in 2007, this is a 3-year contract between Frayssinet and its partners, who together commit to economic (quality/yield), environmental (respect for nature) and social (health food) objectives, in order to meet production requirements and satisfy all consumers.Governance has identified in this standard a vision and a strategy that perfectly match the company’s DNA: SUSTAINABLE, DEMANDING, INNOVATIVE and HUMANISTIC.



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Interview with Matthieu Grebot, communications and CSR Director