Research centre

“FRAYSSINET has based its development strategy on expertise, knowledge and innovation. Research is one of the historical pillars of our growth. The “Clément Phalippou” research centre, set up in the 90s, has become an essential and vital link in the design, development and support of our products… Innovations go beyond responding to societal issues to provide ecologically effective solutions tailored to each user.” Interview with Olivier DEMARLE, R&D Director

Comprising a laboratory, a culture room and a sample library, the research centre represents 11% of the FRAYSSINET workforce. It designs solid and liquid formulations and develops appropriate, sustainable, innovative and economical programmes to meet the efficiency and ecological requirements of plant production.

The culmination of Frayssinet's soil expertise, this computer tool in the form of a highly accessible application enables you to use soil analysis to draw up tailor-made nutrition and stimulation programmes!

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Être le leader européen de la nutrition et stimulation naturelles des sols et des plantes pour répondre aux besoins des générations futures, dans la transmission de nos valeurs et de nos solutions agro-responsables.

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