Training courses in agronomics

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Frayssinet has been an accredited training centre for over 22 years. A better understanding of soils features, plant characteristics and the agronomic benefits of organic fertilizers and bio stimulants has become one of the strongest requirements voiced by most professionals and distribution technicians to face tomorrow’s environmental challenges. Frayssinet can meet these expectations and provides training programs for its distribution network 4 to 6 times a year, conducted by doctors in agronomy, experts in soil sciences, plant physiology, viticulture-oenology, green spaces, and other crops. These programs can help customers to gain a better understanding of ecosystems and promote natural balances.


Visite de l'usine à l'occasion d'une formation Frayssinet sur les engrais et fertilisantsRepas aux Fontanelles à l'occasion d'une formation Frayssinet sur les engrais et fertilisants


Sustainable development is an objective that structures Frayssinet’s growth. At the heart of the company’s strategy, research and innovation are focused on enhancing the effectiveness of the products we produce, and on identifying new properties in natural materials to build the innovations of tomorrow. This work has 2 main objectives:
> To strengthen the soil and plant functioning systems in a sustainable way.
> Make natural fertilization and stimulation essential components of high-performance plant production that respects ecosystems.


Who can apply?

Customer distributors and/or members of their staff, consultants in organic soil fertilization and natural stimulation of plants: resellers, farming instructors, technical advisors, managers in charge of green spaces, greenkeepers, etc.


• The customer distributors expect their counselling staff to acquire a partial or complete understanding on the new nutrition and stimulation programs for soils and plants, new products, test results, new economic and social challenges to better advise their users and prospective customers.
• Trainees have already made a preliminary reflection on their expectations and questioning to make the most of their personal experience.

Theoretical and practical skills, an immediate feedback and benefits for your career

• A global vision of soils and plants, their nutrition and existing natural alternative solutions,
• A customized course for each crop or cultivation
• A training programme at the core of sustainable development and protection of the environment.
• A teaching experience supported by acknowledged expertise; R&D, on-the-field actions and new technologies,
• An enrichment from our research partners: IRD, CIRAD, Université Montpellier II (University of Montpellier II).


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