Choosing the right biostimulant

Why use a biostimulant

Biostimulants are products that provide new leverage for crops; they are not a substitute for other existing techniques.


The use of a biostimulant should provide a response to a problem that depends on the production system implemented (crop, soil, climate, the farmer’s practices, etc.). The real question is:”What is my problem? For example: root establishment problems, resistance to water stress, biological activation of soils, nutrient assimilation problems.

A biostimulant must be part of an optimised, comprehensive nutrition and protection programme. There are two important elements in the concept of such a programme:

1. Management: positioning must be based on weather data and anticipation of future stresses. The use of Decision Support Tools (DST) is a plus.

2. Interactions between products. In addition to physical interactions (mixing in the tank), we need to look at metabolic interactions and how the plant reacts


How to choose

Users must consider the properties of each solution (claims, registered crops and conditions of use) in order to select the one that best suits their needs. These claims and modes of action are stipulated in the marketing authorisation and must therefore appear on the label.

The conditions of application must be assessed: humidity, temperature, etc. Each product may have its own specific characteristics. For live products applied to the soil, you need to be sure that the strain is suitable (in particular pH and OM levels).


Biostimulant or defence stimulator

Biostimulants and defence stimulators (SDPs) each belong to a different regulatory framework. Biostimulants are classified as fertilisers and growing media (MFSC), while SDPs are considered as plant protection products (PPP).

Biostimulants act on abiotic stresses (climate, mineral element deficiency, etc.), while plant defence stimulators act on crop protective mechanisms in the face of biotic stresses (diseases or pests). SDPs have a specific activity of inducing plant defence reactions.


A biostimulant that can be used in organic farming?

Be careful when mixing. Biostimulants do not necessarily comply with organic farming regulations. The extraction or production methods used may be contrary to the principles of organic farming.


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