Acting for the consumer


Our vision is to remain the leading brand in the natural nutrition and stimulation of soils and plants, in perpetual respect of our values.

By virtue of its identity, its commitments and the directions it has taken since its creation, Frayssinet is pursuing its innovative approach by providing effective solutions to production problems and society’s expectations.

Environmentally-friendly production processes, the introduction of PNS (Nutrition and Stimulation Programmes), an Authentis agri-responsible approach, as well as a strong customer focus, enable the company to meet the objectives of the agricultural, green spaces and garden markets while respecting consumer expectations: respect for the environment, taste and health qualities.



54 %

of Authentis signatories are committed to a sustainable development framework.


dedicated to agro-oenology.



monitored by Frayssinet, as part of Authentis.


AUTHENTIS : Agro-responsible approach


Since 2007, Frayssinet has been formalising a contract of reciprocal commitments with those who choose the path of respect for our environment with the AUTHENTIS agro-responsible approach. The only one of its kind, the Authentis contract includes commitments to responsible production which aim to meet economic requirements in order to satisfy all consumers.

The Nutrition and Stimulation Programme: PNS

The aim of the PNS (Nutrition and Stimulation Programme) for Frayssinet soils and plants is to improve plant nutrition and resistance by activating the soil/plant interface: the rhizosphere. By recommending the use of organic amendments, potting soils, organic fertilisers, root development stimulators and antioxidants, it is possible to anticipate and correct nutritional deficiencies by promoting plant resistance mechanisms. Made from natural organic matter, the PNS is part of the development of sustainable agriculture that is more respectful of our environment.

The right programme

The right dose

Feed the plant just enough to avoid losses.
Encourage the plant’s natural resistance.
Limit phytosanitary treatments.

Carbon inputs

Stimulate the plant.
Avoid depletion of humified carbonaceous matter.

Functional biodiversity

Optimising the eco-systemic service of the rhizosphere.

Plant stimulation

Encourage the plant’s self-defence mechanisms.



Dégustation œnologiques chez Frayssinet des vins de Dom Brial dans le cadre Authentis

“As winegrowers committed to sustainable development, we signed up to the Authentis agro-responsible approach with Frayssinet in 2009 and the results after 5 years of implementation are very satisfactory. Our winery has chosen to advise all its members to stop using chemical fertilisers. The Frayssinet programmes recommended and adjusted each year have met our objectives, with a 17% increase in yield, a 10% improvement in the stable organic matter content of the soil and a beneficial effect on Syrah decline. Since 2013, our technical and research teams have been going even further to prove the link between this type of vineyard management and the quality of the finished product. Robert Martin, Technical Manager, Vignobles Dom Brial.

Sustainable Development Report – CSR.


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