NSP – Nutrition and Stimulation Program

Trees and shrubs:
optimizing development conditions

Trees and shrubs are often used in landscapes to recolonize or beautify spaces that have been entirely remodelled by man: road or railway embankments, coal waste tips, dune development, cities … places where trees are subject to very severe planting and growing conditions: lack of water, lack of space, lack of topsoil, urban pollution, asphyxia …
Under these conditions, the initial qualities of soils are often very poor and maintenance is almost impossible. Every effort must be made to ensure that trees should find all the elements required for their good restart in the short term, but also and above all, to benefit from the conditions promoting its future self-sufficiency in terms of feed.

To achieve a lasting implantation of trees and shrubs in degraded or restructured soils, it is essential to take into account the restorative properties of supplies of organic manure supplies that will ensure the creation of a functional rhizosphere. As an actual soil-root interface, this area of intense microbial activity will prove a guarantee of growth and resistance for young plants.

NSP - Trees, shrubs: optimizing development conditions


Frayssinet has developed the NSP concept (Plant Nutrition and Stimulation Program) based on 3 targeted actions (soil-root-foliar) in order to activate the soil-plant interface: the rhizosphere.

This program recommends the use of products of natural origin (solid organic fertilizers and liquid supplement-stimulators) acting in the improvement of physiological mechanisms (mineral and water feed) and plant resistance (aerial and root systems), especially under stress conditions.

The NSP has been tested on different types of soils, the test results show a better development in the growth of the trees and an improvement of the young plants performances, even in a condition of severe constraints. These results provide a better understanding of the interest of ecosystems (soil, root, plant) and their synergistic benefits in order to recommend a Nutrition and Stimulation Program (NSP) suited to the agronomic balance, production objectives and sustainable protection of plants.

The implementation of an NSP (Nutrition and Stimulation Program) includes the supply of complementary products applied at specific stages for the 4 targeted actions:

> Soil + rhizosphere action: VEGEVERT, EVER 7, SPRINTOR
> Root action: OSIRYL
> Stress preventive action: ANTYS 15
> Nutritional supplementation: NUTRIBIO 4.3.6

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