Quentin Protsenko

Interview Quentin PROTSENKO, since 2016 at Frayssinet.

After having obtained in 2012 my Master in plant technologies specialized in the valorization of horticultural products, I worked during 3 years for the professional union UPJ (Union of companies for the Protection of Gardens and public spaces) as as responsible for technical and regulatory affairs. I was able to develop my skills in the areas of regulatory design and relationship with decision makers.
As each country has its own fertilizer regulations, it is timely that I take my position at Frayssinet in 2016 as Regulatory and Standardization Manager. Especially now that the regulatory future of organic fertilizers and natural biostimulants is being played out and hence the “fluidity” of their trade at European level. The Commission and the Parliament are in the middle of a debate on the future regulation which will regulate all the fertilizers, of the discussions in which I can imply myself with conviction in order to defend a quality organic fertilization based on the agronomy, by means of our national unions (UNIFA and UPJ) as well as the European producer group ECOFI (European Consortium of the Organic-based Fertilizer Industry). While this “modern” fertilization must obviously bring a balance of nutrients for crops, it must also take into account and sustainably improve the life and soil properties if we want to ensure sustainable and secure agriculture as soon as possible.


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