Matthieu Grebot

Interview Matthieu GREBOT, since 2008 at Frayssinet.

The responsibility of our profession, the responsibility of our impacts, the ethical and moral responsibility of men and territories; our social responsibility has naturally been integrated into the company, as it evolves, through its activity, its locality and the people who make it up. The arrival of the International Standard ISO 26000 in 2010 and its 7 central questions corresponded in all respects to what had already been applied in the company for a long time. Managing CSR in a company is essential. My role determines the smooth running and the sustainability of the commitments of the social responsibility in the company. Evaluated exemplary in July 2015 and confirmed at this level in 2017, the company does not have the right to be wrong and it is not not a coincidence that she has been able to maintain the trust of her stakeholders during all these years. VIAE ETHICAE®, “the voice of ethics”, represents the Frayssinet Group’s social responsibility approach, adapted to the needs and constraints of its agricultural, green space and garden markets. Beyond all commitments, it is the state of mind FRAYSSINET and its standard: DURABLE, DEMANDING, INNOVATIVE and HUMANIST that are the foundation of the responsible performance that we know today and that we will know tomorrow.

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