Calibration, conservation and production

How to optimize quality (calibre, conservation…) and yield?

The qualitative potential of fruit tree yields can be impaired by any type of nutrient deficiency, soil imbalance, and the many weather stresses and diseases that may affect orchards. This results in lower crop yields and fruit quality, and a greater sensitivity to diseases and weather stresses.


Orchards long-term viability and quality maintenance of fruit crops should rely on the implementation of suitable Nutrition and Stimulation Programs (NSP). Their recommendation will be determined by the choice of targeted organic fertilizers designed to maintain soil fertility and improve the resistance (auxiliary flora) of orchards to soil-borne diseases. The reinforcement of the root system (OSIRYL) and the addition of foliar nutritional supplements (ANTYS, NUTRIKALI) and particularly phosphorus and calcium based (ANTYS Ca) allow a better resistance of the epidermis to attacks and bruises (cracking, bursting…).


Test results on cherry trees to improve quality and yields.


Control cherry trees and cherry trees treated with a NSP by Frayssinet.

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