Resistance to various stresses

Improving the resistance of fruit trees to different stresses

The yields of pip and stone fruit orchards are subject to climatic conditions which can damage the crop potential and affect the long-term viability of fruit trees. Moreover, their implantation on very poorly balanced soils slows down their growth and limits their resistance to various stresses. The crops are very heterogeneous, and the trees lack of vigour reduces their defences against weather hazards and diseases.


The implantation of young trees is a determining factor for the balance of future trees and their long-term preservation. The NSP (Nutrition and Stimulation Program) allows to rebalance soils before planting and their yearly maintenance. The use of organic fertilizers (ORGA 3, ACTIMUS…), root growth stimulator (OSIRYL) and nutritional supplements (ANTYS, NUTRIKALI) promotes the development of the rhizosphere and the development of auxiliary flora and fauna in the mechanisms of resistance and control of diseases and pests.


Test results of peach trees under stress conditions (low temperatures)

Control peach trees and peach trees treated with NSP by Frayssinet.

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