Biological Life – Effectiveness of inputs

Improving biological life and the effectiveness of nutritional inputs

The effectiveness of mineral fertilizers is often altered by the low level of soil reserves linked to a very poor maintenance of organic components in soils. The risks of leaching of nitrogen fertilizers are frequent, causing major degradation in the quality of surface waters and hydrographic networks.


Protecting near surface water tables and rivers requires a better soil retention capacity in water and nutrients (N, P…). This improvement of the soil reservoir capacity (CEC) requires the implementation of an NSP (Nutrition and Stimulation Program) for soils and crops. Recommending applications of targeted organic fertilizers (ORGA 3), root stimulators (OSIRYL) and nutritional supplements (ANTYS, NUTRIKALI) is the best way to promote the rhizosphere development and associated fauna and flora. Their synergistic actions allow to improve the natural resistance of soils and crops as well as the assimilation of nutritional inputs.

Wheat test results with improved soil biological life

Control wheat and Wheat with NSP by Frayssinet

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