Other crops: quality and yields

Maintaining quality and yields

Open field crops (field crops and industrial crops) whose objectives are high and qualitative productions (richness in protein, Brix…) can undergo heavy losses in profitability/ha due to different factors (cold or rainy spring, water stress, nutritional deficiencies…).


To meet these needs, the rapid start of crops before winter (durum wheat, rapeseed…) or spring (corn, industrial tomatoes, peas…) allows homogeneous growth and better resistance to nutritional deficiencies. The implementation of an NSP (Nutrition and Stimulation Program) at sowing or planting time promotes a rapid colonization of the soil by roots and quick growth (OSIRYL). The addition of nutritional supplements (ANTYS, NUTRIKALI) in synergistic combination of organic fertilizer contributions to the soil (organic fertilizer 9.5.0…) promotes their resistance to oxidative stress and improves their quality (Brix, protein content, preservation…)

Wheat test results on yield improvement


Control wheat and wheat with NSP implementation.

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