Fan-leaf resistance and other degenerations

Improving resistance against fan leaf and other deficiencies

The presence of fan leaf in vine parcels is visible from the chlorotic aspect of the leaves, a slow growth and shorter internodes leading to nutritional problems, shatter and loss of yield until the final stage of the stock death. This viral disease transmitted by certain soil nematodes affects the root system; the necrosis of the vascular tissues leading to a deficit of xylem sap supply.


Although controlling this disease effectively proves very difficult, it is possible to curb or even stop the severe symptoms of the disease. The implementation of a tailored soil-centered NSP (Nutrition and Stimulation Program) allows the restoration of auxiliary flora which can limit the development of nematodes and enhance the nutrition of vines. An improved reserve capacity and redeployment of an efficient root system allows to reactivate the affected vines (OSIRYL). Finally, the supply of foliar nutritional supplements (ANTYS) favours the feed of vines in difficult conditions for optimized reserves.


Tests results in conditions of infectious degeneration

Control vines and vines with implementation of an NSP by Frayssinet.

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