Planting and replacement

How to plant and replace young vines successfully?

The restart of young plants is hampered by difficult soil conditions (unbalanced, compact soils) and water stress, especially for late plantings.
As for replacements, this constraint is increased by the level of root and foliar competition of the vines already in place. Under such difficult conditions, the root system of the young plants can be weak so that their reserves are consumed without any possibility of growth. Their development is then delayed and in extreme cases they may die out.


When planting and whatever the season, the vine plants must quickly find the water elements and nutrients they need. This operation requires the installation of a powerful and active root system. The implementation of a suitable NSP (Nutrition and Stimulation Program for planting and replacing), especially with an organic fertilizer or a growing medium (ORGASYL) in combination with OSIRYL root growth stimulator and (ANTYS) foliar support, makes it possible to meet this high level of requirement.

Test results in plantation conditions

Control vines and vines with implementation of a Frayssinet NSP.

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