Water and nutrition stress

Fighting against water stress and nutritional dysfunctions (deficiencies…)

The nutritional deficiencies of the vine, whether they proceed from climatic conditions (water stress, low temperatures…) or may be linked to an imbalance in soil fertility, result in a halt in growth and, in more serious cases in the loss of affected new branches and plants. That deep imbalance causes a dysfunction of the plant vegetative and reproductive cycle which can affect the vine and crops over several years.


Although a great vintage may prove difficult to anticipate, an expertise in soils and knowledge of the reserve capacity of vines allow to better prepare them with a view to improve their harvest quality and secure perennial crops. This expertise in soil analysis and analysis of petiole shoot …) makes it possible to adjust a NSP (Nutrition and Stimulation Program) targeted on the nutritional reactivation of the vine, through soil / root and foliar action. In a condition of visible deficiency (in iron, potassium…), foliar nutritional complements (ANTYS) will secure a rapid correction of these deficiencies.

Test results in drought conditions

Control vines and vines with implementation of an NSP by Frayssinet.

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