Golf Greens Performance

Improving the performance of greens (green speed)


Green speed quality is directly influenced by the density of the grass, the resistance and stiffness of grass blades and the compaction / aeration condition of substrates. In stress conditions, the alteration of the leaf surfaces and loss of turgidity impair the speed quality of greens; likewise a dysfunction of soils and substrates (compaction, asphyxia, nutritional deficiencies…) can amplify this phenomenon.


The improvement of the quality of green speed must be approached through different directions, firstly by a textural improvement of the soils and a nutritional balance of the lawns. The implementation of a Nutrition and Stimulation Program (NSP) helps to target the use of organic fertilizers centeredtowards the physical and biological balance of soils, the use of root growth stimulators (OSIRYL) Hydromineral feed and the use of nutritional supplement (ANTYS 15) allows a better resistance and rigidity of the lawns.

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