Turf grass colour and environmental protection

Improving turf grass colour and environmental protection (reducing treatments)


The green colour intensity of turfgrass is directly influenced by the photosynthetic activity of lawns and their feed (need for nitrogen, magnesium, iron). Nutritional deficiencies and weather stresses are responsible for the chlorotic aspect of lawns especially in humid and cool soils. Faced with these various stresses and weakened resistance of lawns, the risk of diseases is major thus requiring many treatments.

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The greening of greens requires the biological restoration of soils in order to promote the mineralization and assimilation of nitrogen. The supply of targeted organic fertilizers for this action as well as the use of nutritional supplements (ANTYS 15…) allow to restore a balanced nutritional feed. The implementation of NSP’s (Nutrition and Stimulation Programs) aims to anticipate stress conditions by promoting lawns natural resistance to diseases.


Test results on the influence of the NSP (Program Nutrition and Stimulation) on colour problems

Control Grasses and grasses with implementation  of an NSP by Frayssinet.

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