Yann Frayssinet

Yann Frayssinet Directeur

Interview Yann FRAYSSINET, since 2016 at Frayssinet.

After 7 years in the world of professional sports with, of course, the family business in the background … It is with great pride that I joined Frayssinet in August 2016. Frayssinet is positioned today as a “traditional-modern” society. A blend of tradition with a strong local roots, a recognized know-how, and an eye in the future to stay at the forefront of innovation.
Now I’m working with Lionnel Faber on a new commercial activity, the market gardening. We call Garden, the market for amateurs through the Garderie and large food retailers. Consumer behavior is changing and they are looking for high-performance products that meet specific expectations. Our job is to follow these trends and offer marketers a solid and liquid offer that is always more efficient, innovative and in line with the demands of gardeners.

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