• Packaging du stimulateur de croissance racinaire avec AMM liquide proposé par Frayssinet l'OSIRYL EV
  • Authorized in organic agriculture
  • Packaging du stimulateur de croissance racinaire avec AMM liquide proposé par Frayssinet l'OSIRYL EV
  • Authorized in organic agriculture


Root growth stimulator
AMM N° 1030003
approved for use in organic agriculture


  • Optimizes nutrition and growth
  • Optimizes water and mineral absorption
  • Improves productions
  • Preventive and curative
  • Free from any toxicological classification

Certified on any type of crop, at the rate of 5 to 20 l/ha per application (1 to 16 applications per growing cycle according to each crop).
Thoroughly shake the bottle before use.
Store away from frost and heat.

Instructions for use: Osiryl must always be diluted in the watering or treating water.
Either by drip irrigation or sprinkling OSIRYL is applied at the end of the irrigation cycle and at a concentration of 2 ‰, at a dose of 5 to 10 l/ha.
In spraying, OSIRYL is applied in a minimum water volume of 200 l/ha in rainy conditions or followed by watering, from 10 to 20 l/ha.
Flowerbeds: at planting, at growing period (reactivation of flowering) and under stress (low temperature, frost, intense heat…).
Window boxes – flower boxes and containers: reactivation of seedlings, improvement of nutrition for plants at their growing stage and under stressful conditions (strong thermal amplitudes …), reactivation of root systems.
Trees – shrubs: at planting diluted in watering water and at growing period. Stress condition, lack of nutritional reserves. Sports grounds: for the recovery of lawns, subject to heavy wear conditions (uprooting/scalping, heavy pounding …) at the end of winter. Recovery after stress (low temperatures …).
Golf greens, 1st division sportsgrounds: rooting improvement, homogeneity of greens and speed quality. Resistance to various stresses (compaction, asphyxiation …).
Turf installation: improved growth and resistance of lawns after seedling emergence.



5 litres bottles (carton of 4 x 5 litres – Pallet of 480 litres).

    • Traceability of raw materials.
    • Research centre with in-house laboratory laboratory on the manufacturing site and sample bank.
    • Guaranteed control and dosage of all batches of finished products. Accuracy 1/1000.
    • 0% urban waste.
    • Biotech C2A Approved Active Composting: Original Frayssinet biotechnological process ensuring the hygienisation of animal matter (70°C, 1 hour) and pre-humification of combinations of organic matters.
    • Composting accreditation. HACCP approach. Hygienisation process recognized at European level. As to compost turnings and control of thermophilic phases. Accreditation FR81231001 EC Regulation 1069/2009.
    • Member of the Interprofessional Bureau for Analytical Studies (BIPEA), BIPEA circuit checks.
    • Founding Member of ECOFI: European Consortium of the Organic-based Fertilizer Industry.
    • Member of AFAÏA, member of the CA: Professional union of agricultural input manufacturers.
    • Member of the UPJ: Union of companies for the Protection of Gardens and public spaces.
    • Company certified under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System by AFNOR.
    • Company rated “Exemplary” Committed to CSR for its social responsibility approach (ISO 26000) by AFNOR Certification.

Suitable for

Golf courses
Golf courses
Sports fields
Sports fields
Trees, Shrubs
Trees, Shrubs

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