Quality and yield

Acting on quality (sugar content, firmness, preservation…) and on crop yields

Nutritional dysfunctions linked to unbalanced soils on the one hand, and then to numerous stresses (weather…) are responsible for the low crop yields and problems of vegetable quality.


The implementation of NSP (Nutrition and Stimulation Programs) adapted to soils and crops involves the selection of organic fertilizers (VEGETHUMUS, ORGA 3, ACTIMUS…) that promote the improvement of the physical and biological condition of soils (texture, organic matter…). These programs take into account the optimization of nutrition by a reactivation of the root activity (OSIRYL) in conditions of heavy load (tomatoes…) but also in a condition of high salinity. The addition of nutritional supplements (ANTYSNUTRIKALI) makes it possible to correct rapidly  certain dysfunctions or nutritional deficiencies by foliar treatment or drip irrigation.


Test results on bean plants to improve yields

Control beans and beans with implementation of an  NSP by Frayssinet.

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