Soil fungal problems

Fighting against soil fungal problems (fusarium and pythium fungi) and root stresses

The problem of soil fatigue in market gardens is often linked to the lack of crop rotation and active organic matter. It results in a drop in yield and quality. This situation leads to the development of opportunistic diseases (fusarium, nematodes…) accentuated by this state of weakness of crops.


In order to improve the market gardening soils that are subject to these types of constraints, it is necessary to intervene both at soil level and at the level of cultivated varieties. Restoring auxiliaries and functional biodiversity in the soil, required a restart of the biological activity with convenient organic fertilizers (VEGETHUMUS, ORGA 3, ACTIMUS…). These NSPs (Nutrition and Stimulation Programs) should take care of the plant by early action from planting or transplanting of the young plants with a targeted action on the stimulation of the root growth (OSIRYL) as well as by nutritional adjustments through foliar treatment or drip irrigation (ANTYSNUTRIKALI).


Results of tests carried out on melon plants in a fusarium-infected environment






Melons with implementation of an NSP treatment by Frayssinet.

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