Starting crops

Fighting against crop early-stage problems

The start-up stage of seedlings (tomatoes…) after transplanting or sprouting stage after sowing (beans…) is particularly sensitive to weather conditions and nutritional deficiencies. In adverse conditions, the start of seedlings and sprouting are delayed and, depending on the duration of stresses, the viability of the plants can be threatened. In addition to the problems of vegetative retardation and growth, a weak root development will have an impact on plant balance with disturbed cycle ends and heterogeneous production (small calibre…).


In order to optimize the rapid start of young plants or seed sprouting, a complete Nutrition and Stimulation Program (NSP) must be set up to remobilize the biological and nutritional functions of the soil through a selection of targeted organic fertilizers (VEGETHUMUS, ORGA 3, ACTIMUS…) and the application of OSIRYL root growth stimulator as well as the nutritional supplementation by foliar spray and / or drip irrigation (ANTYSNUTRIKALI).

Results of tests carried out on pepper plants in nurseries

Control peppers and peppers with a Frayssinet NSP.

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