Rooting and restart

Promoting the rooting and restart of young flower plants


The stage of planting or restart, especially of perennials, is hampered by the sometimes very restricting weather conditions and quality of soils (too heavy or too light, compacted, wet, or cold…). The restart of plants is then very slow, the plants weaken by root losses and their growth is compromised.


The preparation of the soil or substrates (potted plants and containers) is essential in order to rebalance the physical and nutritional condition of soil sand substrates. The implementation of a Nutrition and Stimulation Program (NSP) should improve biological and nutritive activity, in particular through the use of targeted organic fertilizers (VEGEVERT, ORGASYL). Root development is also an important factor in the restart of young plants, the recommendation of root growth stimulator (OSIRYL) will help to promote the rapid colonization of soils and substrates, while improving their resistance.

Résultats d’essais en situation de sécheresse

Chrysanthemum control and chrysanthemum with implementation of a Frayssinet NSP at the early growth and bloom stage.

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