Thatch build up risks and resistance to stress

Reducing the risk of thatch build up and improving resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses


The problem of thatch build-up or accumulation of mowing debris is a recurring problem on turfgrass. This accumulation of plants is linked to the low level of biological activity of soils, reinforced by problems of asphyxia, lack of aeration and the development of opportunistic diseases (fusarium, red thread…). This problem leads to different nutritional, physical dysfunctions, lack of heterogeneity and patch decay, which urgently require numerous aeration and reseeding operations without always correcting this basic problem.


Improving turf condition requires the reactivation of the biological activity of soils and substrates in order to improve the degradation of plant residues and increase the resistance of turfgrass to diseases. This NSP (Nutrition and Stimulation Program) should focus on the use of suitable organic fertilizers (VEGEVERT…), the restart of the root colonization of grasses through applications of OSIRYL, nutritional supplements (ANTYS 15, NUTRIBIO 4.3.6), promoting the natural resistance of plants.


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