Growth and balance of trees

Sustaining the growth and balance of trees


The restart of trees in the spring and their growth depend closely on their nutritional reserves. In stress conditions (dry summer, deficiencies, diseases…), the water and mineral deficit supply reduces the reserves of trees during the autumn, leading to greater sensitiveness to cold and a difficult restart the following spring.


Trees reserves are achieved in two successive stages: during the vegetative growth in leaves and boughs, and at the end of the yearly cycle when the mineral reserves and carbohydrates are transferred from vegetative organs to the reservoir organs (wood and root). The implementation of an NSP (Nutrition and Stimulation Program) targeted to the supply of organic fertilizers (VEGEVERT…) allows to restore the biological and nutritional balance of soils. The stimulation of the root system with OSIRYL and the use of nutritional supplements (ANTYS 15…) promote the tree vegetative balance for better reserves.

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