Romain Frayssinet

Romain Frayssinet DirecteurInterview Romain FRAYSSINET, since 2012 at Frayssinet.

At 18, I joined the Moulin de Lène to develop a freshly started commercial network. At 20, I entered a business school in Montpellier financed by alternation at a national real estate developer, land purchases. At 25, I took over the management and commercial management of the Moulin de Lène. At 31, I joined the Frayssinet group, in the purchasing department. This experience on the entire sector, from land to finished product, offers me a global vision but precise on the issues and issues to solve for ourselves and our customers.

Thanks to our R & D department, we are using natural raw materials to continue their life cycle properly and with interest. Finally, sustainable optimization of the direct or indirect nutrition of individuals is the purpose of our mission.

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