Why fertilize when soil is at rest ?

Fertilize your soil to achieve a beautiful year


Anticipating the next production starts from the autumn period with the preparation period for the winter rest of the soil. This phase must be approached seriously to preserve and develop the soil’s nutritional potential. Its physico-chemical and biological balance is totally dependent on its organic state. The addition of an organic VEGETHUMUS or ORGA 3 organic fertilizer ensures the nutritional balance of the plant.

To act on the ground is to improve the “dietetics” of the plant. A “digestible” and functional organic material obtained selectively and after composting will stimulate the development of soil microorganisms. This autumn telluric biological activity will promote the production of humus and the provision of reserve nutrients for the plant. The use of post-harvest targeted organic fertilizers improves the microbiological performance of the soil and therefore the nutrition of the plant before and just after the winter rest period.

The Frayssinet Research Center has developed a program of nutrition and stimulation of soils and plants. The invention relates to anticipated fertilization in addition to targeted actions on roots and foliage to optimize the development of the plant and promote plant production and resistance mechanisms.

VEGETHUMUS : Organic amendment more sold in France

ORGA 3 : The reference of organic fertilizers