Assimilable nitrogen and reserves

How can the rate of assimilable nitrogen and nutrient reserves be improved?

The quest for aromatic quality in wines initially implies a potential of high aroma precursors in musts and a good activity of the yeasts involved. The nutritional imbalance and the stresses of vines can limit this potential and particularly the rate of assimilable nitrogen indispensable to the metabolic activity of the yeasts. These dysfunctions then require rectification during the wine-making process whenever these are still correctable.


The nitrogenous metabolism of the vine, resulting in a balance of the rate of assimilable nitrogen in the musts, should be prepared as soon as vines start their vegetative growth. Thus, any stress in the metabolism of proteogenesis will have consequences on the rate of assimilable nitrogen. The implementation of a Nutrition and Stimulation Program (NSP), which centered on the nutritional restart of vines, including their storage and foliar supply of amino acids (NUTRIBIO) and nitrogen (ANTYS 15 and ANTYS 8) makes it possible to maintain a high potential of assimilable nitrogen.


Results of tests in recurring coulure and millerandage conditions on Grenache

Test vines and vines with implementation of an NSP by Frayssinet.

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