Compaction risks and resistance to stresses

Reducing the risks of surface compaction, asphyxia (thatch build-up) and improving resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses

The problem of build-up of mowing debris causes the asphyxiation and superficial compaction of the ground, which is highly detrimental to the growth and aesthetics of lawns. This accumulation of plants is linked to the low level of the soil biological activity, the lack of aeration and the development of opportunistic diseases (fusarium, red thread…). This problem has repercussions on the homogeneity of growth of the lawns and their resistance (dead patches…) which command different operations (sanding, reseeding…).


The recommendation of a suitable NSP (Nutrition and Stimulation Program) helps to correct the nutritional dysfunctions and stresses caused (diseases, weather stress, etc.). This program is implemented by the application of organic fertilizers (VEGEVERT), by the use of OSIRYL  for the reactivation of the root colonization in grasses and the supply of nutritional supplements (ANTYS 15) which promotes the natural resistance of plants.


Test results on a green in a condition of surface compaction

Control Grasses and grasses with implementation  of an NSP by Frayssinet.

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