Compaction Density

Fighting against compaction, improving density

The resistance of lawns to mechanical pressure (pulling, compacting) during sports activities is a considerable challenge. The frequently played sports grounds are heavily damaged, with stripped zones, low grass density, requiring frequent sodding or reseeding.


The anchoring of lawns to soil is all the more important as their rooting proves effective within a soil texture made of stable aggregates.
The NSPs (Nutrition and Stimulation Programs) are specially designed to rebalance soils by also promoting their root colonization. The use of suitable organic fertilizers (VEGEVERT, SPRINTOR, EVER…) promotes soil aeration and stability over time. The application of root growth stimulator (OSIRYL) makes it possible to increase the mechanical strength of the lawns, acting synergistically with antioxidant nutritional supplements (ANTYS 15).

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